Grand Rapids Adventist Academy admits students of any race, color, national origin, creed, religion, gender, or age. No discrimination is made in administration of educational policies, applications for admission, scholarship or loan programs, athletic or extracurricular programs. 
Prospective students and parents are invited to visit campus anytime and we will be happy to make appointments for you to get acquainted with teachers, our treasurer, the registrar, and the principal. Call (616) 791-9797 ext. 1101 for an appointment or email



1) Click the "Click Here to Apply" button to the right. (New Students Only)
2) Fill out entire Application form and pay $25 fee, online or in office, in order to officially apply. (New Students Only)
3) Fill out the Transcript Request Form and give to the GRAA Secretary/ GRAA Office, if you have not already done so through your application. (New Students Only)
4) Once you receive an email or phone call from us on your student's acceptance to attend GRAA, you may now Enroll your student by clicking the "Enroll Now" button to the right. (New Students Only)
5) Fill out entire  Enrollment Form and pay the $100 per Family fee within the online form, or you may pay in office. (This fee is yearly upon enrollment/re-enrollment). Once this step is finished, congratulations! Your student is now ready to attend GRAA!
6) If you are having any issues, please look to the Admissions Instructions Here or call (616) 791-9797



Admissions Instructions
Transcript Request Form
Student Handbook Policies


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