School Board

 2019-20 School Board Information

 2018-19 School Board Information 

 2017-18 School Board Information



June: Approval of Merit Scholarship recipients 

July: Populate board committees with the recommendations from the Committee in Committees; Review school board duties.
August: Approve student roster, approve volunteer drivers for school field trips.   

September: Prepare information for the October Constituency meeting. 

October: --- 

January:  --
February: Review annual progress report on Evaluation Study recommendations
April: Financial Plan for Technology due; Recommend annual budget to the May Constituency meeting; Review changes to the Handbook
May: Facilities Master Plan due: Approve changes to the Handbook



(for complete overview of the purpose of the school board, please review Constituion and Bylaws document linked in the right margin)

To operate the School in harmony with the policies and standards of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination.

To implement any decisions made by the Constituency delegates in official session.

To determine general operating policies for the School, keeping them current as the needs arise.

To develop a biannual budget for the final approval of the Constituency delegates at the fall Constituency meeting.

To authorize the expenditure of funds for the operation of the School.

To form committees and appoint personnel deemed necessary to assist in School Board functions.

To recommend faculty with counsel of the education department of the Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and principal of the School.

To employ non-teaching personnel required to staff the School in counsel with the principal.

To do preliminary planning for capital improvements for presentation to the Constituency.

To establish tuition rates and fees for students from both Constituent and non-Constituent status.

To review and publish the School calendar for the current year in consultation with the Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Department of Education.

To act as final authority in matters pertaining to discipline working in counsel with administration and School faculty.


Board Members

School Board Chairperson and Assistant Chairperson(s).
Elected School Board members from the Constituent Churches.
Ex-officio Members:

Pastors of Constituent Churches.
Principal of School (School Board Secretary).
Academy Financial Manager (School Board Treasurer).
Home and School Association leader(s).
SA President.

President, secretary, treasurer and superintendent of education of those Seventh-day Adventist conferences that have Churches  in this Constituency.
Educational secretary of the Lake Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

See current agenda for board members & committee assignments